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Access Controls Systems

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New Security Access Control System or Upgrade?Access control keypad

  • Purchase and install a new security access control system, or upgrade an aging system that's problematic, limited by older technology:  We can survey your facility and recommend a system that is custom designed and based upon your needs, situation, and budget. We can provide you with options to consider, and provide full system integration, depending, with other systems for fire and security, and give you quality service and maintenance for the long haul. For more, please scroll down on this page for an overview and/or contact us to discuss what you are looking to do. We're here to help you with your security if you're located within our Local & Wider Service Areas - click map icon, upper right, this page.


Integrate Access Control with Security or Fire Systems?

  • Explore integrating your major systems for security and control, integrating access control with security or fire alarm systems, etc.:  Integrating systems is what we do, and there are many benefits delivered when it is possible to dovetail allied systems, such as a single point of control for multiple systems, multiple buildings, units, etc. Economy, time savings, lower long term costs, and more. Call on us and we'll be happy to be of assistance - contact us.

YPS and BOSCH offer you access control that is...

  • Simple to Use and ManageUL Underwriters Laboratories

  • Modular Expansion - control 1 door to 4500+ doors, and 18,000 individual users

  • Distributed Intelligence

  • UL 249/UL    1076 Listed

  • 5-Year Warranty

Control access and egress, large facilities and complexes, multiple sites, to small facilities, one door to thousands of doors, interior, exterior

An Access Control SYSTEM OVERVIEWComputer controlled systems

The READYKEY® system is an easy, proven way of controlling who has access to your property, and when. The READYKEY system, relied on by corporations, government agencies, data processing centers, and financial institutions around the world, is based on touch-free™ access control. It allows authorized people to pass through protected areas without using mechanical locks and keys, or inserting cards into slots. Using the Microsoft Windows operating system, READYKEY for Windows makes system administration even easier. This PC-based system brings user-familiarity and simplicity to the administration of an access control system. Operating under Microsoft Windows. when connected to READYKEY door controllers, it allows easy administration of electronic cards and keys, doors, and alarms.

 access controls for all sizes of buildingsMulti-site/ Multi-PC Capability - Administer Access Control Systems Remotely

The READYKEY system allows you to centrally administer hundreds of remote locations worldwide from one or multiple PC's. Using standard dial-up phone lines, remote systems are linked to the READYKEY system using modems, fiber optics, microwave or radio links.

RISSC System - Bosch' READYKEY Information Security System for Computers (RISSC)

 RISSC is the answer to the computer industry's biggest concern - security. The threat of having an intruder access confidential information is just as frightening for a small company as it is for the government. The invader could be a regular guy in a nearby cubicle, or a professional hacker living abroad. Until now, individuals, businesses, and even the government were targets of trespassers. Not anymore. With RISSC, you can be in control of who reads what and when. 

Bosch System Integration with Access Control

The READYKEY Access Control System can be easily integrated with various Bosch Security Systems to provide a fully functional integrated security solution. Both the alarm system and access control system remain fully functional when integrated. This integration capability allows the end-user to enter the building and automatically disarm their alarm system by simply presenting an electronic ID to a reader.

Access control systems for schools, institutions, factories, etc.


Access Door Controllers

The READYKEY door controller is available as a four door or two door version. Both units may be used as a master, remote master or network unit. It is compatible with all of the READYKEY for Windows administration systems, or can be used as a stand-alone system programmed locally from the front panel.

Access control sytems, 1-2 doors, to over 4500 doors, 18,000 usersAccess Central Network Controller

The larger Central Network Controller is a multi-site system and can control over 4500 doors on hundreds of remote sites. It can administer up to 18,000 users per site and operates using a PC based administration system. The multi-site version is designed to control access in multiple buildings from one central location, often separated by many miles.

Easikey - One to Two Door Access Control System

Easikey is a low cost, one or two door access control system which operates using Bosch electronic ID devices. It is available also as a 99 user or a 1000 user version. It is ideally suited for homes, apartment buildings, small offices, pools, recreation centers and other smaller applications.

Access Control READYKEY Readers

A full range of access readers is available. Vandal resistant, low profile, mullion, and PIN. The Wiegand Interface allows the connection of any reader with a Wiegand output to a READYKEY system.

access control system devices
Access Control Electronic ID Devices

The most convenient part of the READYKEY and Easikey systems is the electronic ID device. Available either as an ID card or electronic key, the ID device is embedded with an encoded chip. When held within a few inches of the reader, the code is read. Both ID devices carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft.


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