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INFO Forms

Forms are INTERACTIVE, FILL-IN Forms - OPEN the form, TYPE in your information on  your computer, PRINT the form, SIGN it (Signature) and FAX* it to YPS. *Faxing provides much higher security than email.


POLICY & Procedure:
 For the security of client information, data entry changes, additions, and deletions are performed Mon.- Fri. from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. If you have an immediate need at other times, please telephone. If you do not receive a telephone call by the next business day confirming receipt of your request, please contact our Data Entry Department at
800-544-9591 Ext. 104



Adobe PDF - click, open, fill in, print, sign, & fax
Client Information Form

For new clients, for existing clients to update data, call lists, start Enhanced Call Verification, etc.  Fax to Data Entry - instructions on page 1. For password changes, please call the central station at 800-544-9591, Ext. 101. Client Information Form



 Adobe PDF - click, open, fill in, print, sign, & fax
Alarm Event-Response Instruction Worksheet Form

Our response to alarm events, and how you want your alarms handled - your instructions and directions to us to deviate from standard operating procedures, when feasible and permissible. Alarm EVENT-RESPONSE Instruction Worksheet Form


Adobe PDF - click, open, fill in, print, sign, & fax
Alarm Temporary Change Form

Short term changes in how an alarm will be handled - if extremely short duration, call the central station. Alarm Temporary Change Form





Adobe PDF - click, open, fill in, print, sign, & fax

Authorized User Code - Add-Delete-Change Form

Add, delete, or change an authorized user of your system, change a code. Add a new employee, for example, or delete a former employee. Authorized User Change Form


Details          Temporary Change Orders

Our central station operators will write a “Temporary Change Order” to disregard alarm signals for up to 72 hours. Call the central station. This purpose of this procedure is to help eliminate false alarms and dispatch of authorities due to your knowingly experiencing some condition or event that would trigger an alarm. For example, you may have received shipments where stock would temporarily block motion detectors, or that doors will be propped open due to some event or problem, or other known problems or other events that will cause the system to go into “Alarm” or “Trouble/Critical Event”. Very short term changes:  Call the central station to arrange. 

Critical Note:  Fire alarms and panic/duress/hold-up alarms will NOT BE DISREGARDED under these procedures without a "Temporary Change Form" or facsimile on file and received by YPS PRIOR to receiving any alarm signal. Police and Fire will be dispatched, as appropriate.

YPS Integrated Systems:  800-544-9591 - Ext. 101 central station.


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 Enhanced Call Verification & Smart Dispatch to reduce false alarms and increase security system alarm system efficiency.

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From our Cleveland office we serve Cleveland west to Toledo, the lakeshore, east from Cleveland, Lake & Geauga Counties. Warren office serves north and south plus PA counties - see map

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YPS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS is a leading full service security firm providing design, sales, installation, integration, UL monitoring, and service of intrusion alarms and related security systems 


We Serve the Fortune 100 and Small Business alike...

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...a broad range of clients

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YPS Integrated Systems alarms, alarm systems, security systems, intrusion detection, commercial alarms

DMP...Digital Monitoring Products, alarm systems, security systems, wireless alarm systems, commercial alarms

YPS authorized security system, alarm system dealer of BOSCH

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