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YPS trained operators in our U.L. monitoring central station are available to assist you 24 hours a day...
"24 hours a day we monitor critical conditions for
YPS clients..."

Underwriter's Laboratories  
Certified - Listed
U.L. Central Station Alarm Monitoring


Monitoring Intrusion & Fire Alarms
U.L. Certification BP2169 & U.L. Certification S1591
designed solely to serve YPS clients

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Clients may call the central direct at 800-544-9591 Ext 101 - or Data Entry Ext. 104.
To become a monitoring client, please call Sales at Ext. 106.

Call one phone number for both Cleveland & Warren Offices. From our Cleveland office we serve Cleveland going west to Toledo along the lake, east from Cleveland to parts of Lake & Geauga Counties. Warren office serves north and south plus PA counties - see map, rt. column

Looking for Alarm System Service with UL Alarm Monitoring?

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       Features of our high security central
       U.L. Standards? - what they mean to you
       The alarm monitoring process, the basics, in brief

Thousands of our clients' facilities, as well as some of their residences, are monitored here locally, in the high security facility that we own. operate, and control directly. That is a very important fact and distinction that sets YPS miles apart from other firms - most security dealers have customers' alarms monitored by a third party contract central. In great contrast, YPS is better able to customize and personalize our alarm monitoring services much more specifically to the needs of our clients, limited only by necessity to maintain U.L. Standards for alarm central stations. When a client understands this difference in alarm monitoring or if they have experienced others before switching to YPS, we get very high marks and strong comments about our great service.

24 hour alarm monitoring of these and other conditions:Trained operators in our U.L. monitoring central station are available to assist you 24 hours a day...
  • Fire Alarms

  • Heat - Smoke

  • Intrusion - burglary

  • Duress - Holdup - Panic

  • Power

  • High/Low Temp.

  • Level-Pressure-Flow

  • Critical Equip.

  • Open-Close Entry/Egress


High speed alarm receivers and computers, fully redundant, power generator backup, leading alarm industry central station software, smart automation, ultra secure, with trained, proficient security operators and skilled management.

Features & benefits of our high security, U.L. monitoring central station:
  • Fire Protection - YPS' central station is constructed to withstand 3 hours of direct FIRE from all sides, including the roof. Walls are solid concrete. Floors are five inches thick. OurHigh security is in place  in our U.L. monitoring central station roof is rated a CLASS-A Fire Roof - a full six layers thick. 

  •  Access Doors - All YPS doors to the central station are steel fire doors. All doors are themselves monitored and electronically controlled from inside the central station. Security.

  •  Video/CCTV Monitoring - All interior and exterior areas of the central station are monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. Secure.

  •  Telecommunications - Security measures are in effect, and for telephone lines, for example, these are buried underground to prevent the line from being either cut or tampered with. Secure.

  •  Continuous, 24 hour, local operation - At least three operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, complete with supervision.

  •  Power Backup - An independent electrical power generator stands by 24 hours a day in the event of a power failure, so all receivers and computers and other equipment that must operate are backed up by full power equipment. No interruption in service. 

  •  Automation - The central station is fully automated in operation, complete with the latest computer hardware and software. 

  •  Field Engineering Inspections - UL routinely sends its field engineers to test and inspect the central station physical conditions, policies, procedures, and equipment, that all standards are met and maintained. 


All of this is provided so that YPS clients receive the highest levels of service and security available. Scroll down, or [back to top]

Alarm monitoring process and applications (more info):

What is "monitoring," and what is meant by "central station"? Why is the central station function critical? Does it really matter if a central station is UL Certified? Is one central station just the same as another? 

All systems for security and fire are monitored, watched continuously, and tested, for any sign that a device has triggered an alarm due to detecting a particularFast, accurate dispatch is critical in life threatening conditions; dispatches promptly made from our U.L. monitoring central station condition. Any system or system device sends out coded electronic signals over telephone lines, the cellular network, satellite network, the internet, etc., or a combination of all. Signals go into a specialized receiver and all information is immediately displayed on one of central station's computers. These signals are instantly received by our specially trained central station security operators inside our secured central station. Depending upon the the signal (intrusion, fire, heat, smoke, power, duress, low temperature, etc.), the appropriate measures are taken by the experienced security operator (dispatch of appropriate fire department, police, rescue, etc.). People who should be notified are notified of this event. This process of monitoring of a system takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. The monitoring function and the central station function, therefore, are critical functions or systems. They must be up and running and not miss a signal that a fire has started, a person is in trouble, etc. These are life safety issues, and life may be at stake. 

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 U.L. Standards - what they mean for a central station and for you

MOST central stations are NOT UL Certified. Most do NOT meet the rigorous, high, costly standards set by Underwriters' Laboratories. Outside of these, there are few standards in the monitoring industry. What some may call a central station could be as loose as an answering service (this has been a practice in the industry by some companies, while not widespread). The essential point is this:  what standards does a central station meet? Is there a reliable, disinterested, and trustworthy third party that will certify that a central station meets a rigorous code? Yes, Underwriters' Laboratories. Other than that, in many cases you are only taking someone's word that a central station operates in a certain way. With UL, you have certification, verification, and on-going checking of that central station. A central station that has a UL listing is the best choice for the obvious reasons. 

YPS Integrated Systems owns and operates their in-house central station that is local, in Ohio, and that is UL Certified. It is a high standard. All of these standards we maintain to protect the integrity of the system and better ensure that your alarm signals and conditions will be monitored and properly handled.

YPS Integrated Systems, UL Certificate Numbers: UL Monitoring, UL Central Station Services, Security and Fire


Intrusion - U.L. Certification BP2169

Fire        - U.L. Certification S1591






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Trained operators in our U.L. monitoring central station are available to assist you 24 hours a day...

Highly experienced and trained security operators, dispatchers, and data entry people serve YPS clients.

Trained operators in our U.L. monitoring central station are available to assist you 24 hours a day...

Courteous. Professional. Efficient.


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