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  •  Intelligent Fire Signature Recognition 

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  •  Fire Alarm System Integration with Access Control Systems and Security Systems

Call one phone number for both Cleveland & Warren Offices. We serve Cleveland going west to Toledo along the lake, east from Cleveland to parts of Lake & Geauga. Warren serves north and south.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Fire alarm codes in Ohio have recently changed. There are new requirements that must be followed. Please contact us regarding what must be done to be in compliance and to avoid problems. Codes are in force now. Contact us.

Fire Alarm System Certified Testing & Inspection Servicesstrobe:  Fire alarm sensors:  fire alarm systems ohio

[D9124 Fire Control Panel] Fre alarm panel, fire alarm systems ohioFOR ANY MAKE OF FIRE ALARM SYSTEM YPS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS can provide Certified Testing & Inspection Services, and is fully licensed by the State Fire Marshal, State of Ohio, to do so in Ohio. Our technicians are very experienced, fully trained, and provide services thoroughly and efficiently. If you are located within our Ohio Service Area - see Service Area Map, upper right on this page - we can provide you with professional service. Please contact us

New Fire Alarm System or Upgrade?

  • Purchase and install a new fire alarm system with automatic fire detection, or upgrade an aging fire system limited by older technology:  We can survey your facility and recommend a system that is custom designed and based upon your needs, situation, and budget. We can provide you with options to consider, and provide full UL monitoring in our own facility located right here in Northeast Ohio, and service and maintenance for the long haul. For more, click: Fire Alarm System Overview or please scroll down on this page for an overview and/or contact us to discuss what you are looking to do. We're here to help you with your fire detection system if you're located within our Local & Wider Service Areas - click map icon, upper right, this page.UL Underwriters Laboratories rated for fire alarms



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YPS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS is a leading full service security firm providing design, sales, installation, integration, UL monitoring, testing, inspection, and service of fire alarms and related systems



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Fire Alarm System Service and UL Fire Alarm Monitoring?

  • Service and/or monitoring of your fire alarm system because your alarm company went out of business or you're very dissatisfied:  Talk with us. If you want the stability and responsive, long term service that a major provider has to offer, talk with us at YPS. We've been providing reliable, excellent, and courteous service to clients for almost 50 years, and we are frequently contacted in these situations. Please contact us and describe your situation, and we'll determine how best we can help you. If you're located within our Local & Wider Service Areas - click map icon, upper right, this page - we'll be happy to be of service if possible. NOTE:  While we can monitor, test, inspect, or certify any fire alarm system, we are not able to service systems of several manufacturers because they are proprietary and we are not able to obtain parts. Please inquire and we'll help determine what is possible. Contact us.

A Note on Radionics and Bosch:  We are a major BOSCH Certified Security Dealer. Bosch purchased Radionics years ago now and has incorporated and integrated the Radionics fire detection and alarm system product lines, and others, into the complete BOSCH product line. If you know the reputation of Radionics and you're looking for a Radionics system, Radionics is now BOSCH. YPS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS formerly was a Radionics dealer.


Bosch fire alarm control panels and fire product accessories meet the most demanding industry requirements. Through Bosch's participation on Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and NFPA code committees, they are not only aware of new codes, but have been instrumental in creating new standards for the fire alarm industry. These new standards are the cornerstone of the Bosch fire product line. 

[D9124 Fire Control Panel] fire alarms systems ohio
Bosch offers a broad line of fire alarm control equipment ranging from a 3-zone Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) to the high-end integrated, intelligent fire alarm controls. Each system is designed to provide accurate, local response to all types of fire hazards. Using the latest communications technology, this critical information is processed and transmitted to responding agencies. The fire alarm system can also interface with other building functions during an emergency, for example, it can control the heating and ventilation systems, or unlock doors on an access control system. 

Firemen battle blazeAs well as providing reliable fire detection capabilities, Bosch fire alarm systems can also be used as integrated controllers for intrusion and access control systems.

The latest development in the Bosch fire product line is a series of analog fire control systems. The use of analog technology allows improved system expansion and networking capabilities for up to tens of thousands of detection points.

The Bosch fire product line includes a wide range of accessories to meet most fire detection applications. All devices are UL Listed and compatibility listed with the appropriate Bosch fire alarm control panel.

Integrated, Addressable Fire Alarm Reporting Systems, Elements


Bosch provides complete Fire Alarm System solutions. Bosch panels cover all types of job requirements from small conventional systems to large analog detection networks. As an authorized dealer, YPS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS can help you select a Bosch Fire System to meet all your project and budget needs.


Addressable fire alarm systems support a variety of installation applications. Many are CSFM and FM approved and conform to NFPA 72. Schools, universities, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities are some of the more complex installations it is designed to support. You can also choose from a diverse line of Bosch initiating and indicating devices, all backed by an industry reputation for quality. UL Listed for fire, intrusion and fire/intrusion combination. 

Accurate information from individual points is communicated to the central station monitoring facility. The detailed reporting capability of a number of panels provide a solution to system service and maintenance problems. The silencing of a "troubled" condition is a common occurrence with fire alarm systems. With certain panels, a maintenance person won't be able to silence a "trouble" condition and forget about it. The location and time of the "trouble" will be reported to the central station and the required action can be taken. The base system configuration supports a high number of points of detection or supervision. Optional accessory modules can expand a system's capability with up to 2,400 detection devices utilizing up to 246 individual reporting addresses. Capabilities and expansion depend upon the panel that is selected.


If a fire alarm is initiated at your location, we'll know the exact point where the alarm originated. And we'll know what kind of event has occurred. That precision can save precious time when firefighters arrive. It is a life safety issue.


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